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At the moment working on 'Two Men', a gay themed theatre play. The two main characters are two soldiers Walter (British soldier) and Hans (Nazi soldier). They meet in Normandy during summer 1944. One suffers from PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) and the other suffers from amnesia. Walter finds Hans in the woods. Hans is badly wounded and unconscious. Walter helps Hans and the story begins. Both characters have to fight internal and external factors to be able to survive… 

Gaytruvian ManThis short film portrays a homoerotic relationship in a visual/conceptual connection. It explores gay sexuality and feelings. 


Gayndr I & II : In this short film the audience is confronted by one young man and his reaction to text messages received from other guys on different gay dating apps. This short film explores communication between gay men today and the use of dating apps.



Conversations & Reactions. In this short film the audience is confronted by images of two young men and within the film both men are confronted with each other. This split screen experimental film portrays a potential mix of vulnerability and connection both caused by triggers such as media and other external factors. It explores the personal and social, and the communication between two men.

Apollo Arousing explores the relationship between the male body and the male nature. Art and mythology are combined to achieve the male essence through the ages. This experimental short film is a delicious combination of the male body (poses) and sound (four elements). This film portrays male poses from masculine ones (Greek warriors) to metrosexual poses, sexual ambiguity and advertising such as Versace and Calvin Klein. 


eXtensions, The artist explores the relationship between poetry and film. This short film portrays the gay erotic relationships in a visual/conceptual connection. The symbolism of the images adds new layers of meaning to the words. The poems explore the eXtensions of gay erotic feelings and sexual behaviour.

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